Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go onsite during the Build to view progress?
You can view progress of the build from the road anytime. However due to Health and Safety requirements access to the site is restricted. If site access is needed, you must make prior arrangements with Marc.
Can I make some changes to the plan?
Of course. You are welcome to make non-exterior changes. Minor adjustments to the interior plan to suit your requirements may be possible. We can talk you through what may be or may not be possible for the home that you are interested in. 
How long does it take to get a building consent?
It takes approx. 4-6 weeks for a building consent to be issued by Hamilton City Council.
How long is the building process?
Once we commence construction, single storey homes will take approximately 12 weeks to build. 2 storey duplex homes take approximately 18 weeks.
Sounds exciting so far. How do we get things moving?
It generally takes 2-3 weeks for your lawyer and bank to review our Building Contract, and for your bank to approve your Finance. Then once you have all of your approvals, your solicitor will confirm the contract is unconditional, and you will pay your Deposit.
We love your Home & Land packages, what do we do now?
Let’s make a time to meet each other and run through your requirements. Click on the Contact Us button on the Property Listing that you are interested in, and we will contact you to make an appointment with Marc or Barry.
What happens now that I’ve paid my deposit?
We finalise the plans for your home, and put together the application for Building Consent and apply to Hamilton City Council for the Building Consent to be granted.
What happens once the construction of my home is complete?
At the completion of construction, the Council performs a final inspection of the build and issues the Code of Compliance Certificate (this can take up to 20 working days for Council to issue). Our solicitors will forward a copy of the Code of Compliance Certificate to your solicitors and advise that settlement will be due in 5 working day’s time. We will contact you to organise a time for you to do a pre-settlement inspection, this is generally performed a day or two prior to settlement.
What is a Code of Compliance Certificate?
A Code of Compliance Certificate is issued by Council at completion of the build, after the home has passed a number of inspections of council. It certifies that the building work has been completed and complies with the Building Consent requirements.
When do I get the keys to my new home?
On the day of settlement, once the property has settled and we have received the money, we will contact you to arrange to meet you at your new home to handover the keys and go through the Home Owner’s Folder with warranties/manuals and property information. We will setup the alarm at this time as well.
When will you start building my home?
We will start building homes in sequential order of sales received, once we have received the Section Titles from the Subdivision Land Developer.
Who holds my deposit?
Once your solicitor pays the deposit to our solicitor Cooney Lees Morgan, it is held by Cooney Lees Morgan in their Trust Account. The Deposit is held in Trust until your house is completed and we receive the Code of Compliance Certificate from Hamilton City Council. Cooney Lees Morgan will provide your solicitor with a copy of the Code of Compliance approximately one week before settlement.

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